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 Garhwal Himalaya

 Uttarkashi-Gangotri-Bhojwasa-Basecamp-A.B.C-Camp#1-Summit Camp

The Ganges plunges from the glacial ice at Gangotri. The spectacular setting of this most holy site is dominated by two major mountains in the Garhwal Himalaya - Shivling and the Bhagirathi Peaks. Bhagirathi II is one of the major peak among the Bhagirathi groups of peaks in garhwal himalaya, Bhagarathi I & III are others.The snowy peak, Bhagirathi II (6512m) was first climbed by Austrians Edi Ellmauthaler and Toni Messner in 1933.

The trek to Nandanvan is exciting through Gangotri and Bhujwasa and here the climbers can halt for a brief time. Base camp at Nandanvan is a beautiful meadow, lush with Alpine flowers. You find the amazing sight of Shivling and the Bhagirathi mountains from this camp at Nandanvan. After getting one acclimatized, the climbers move ahead to establish the second camps at an high altitude. The initial two hour trek across alpine meadows and sandy flats is deceptively easy towards the base camp which we set for the further acclimatization.The route follows 1000 meters of vertical granite followed by another 200 meters section of mixed rock and ice and a top part of steep ice. Spending time hanging on the wall is thrilling so the challenge lies in its technical difficulty, rather than its heights. Rough, unprecedented climate is a major factor in Bhagirathi peaks, thus the climbers will be heavily depended on good weather.

Expedition Figures

17 days

6512 mtr

10-12 nos.

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