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Yashwant Singh Panwar 3 Point adventure

Yashwant Singh Panwar


Owner and Expedition Leader - Yashwant's has spent a major part of his life in the Himalayas. Born in Uttarkashi, a town of avid Mountainner's, Yashwant is trained from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. He was introduced to the outdoors at an early age where a fascination for the mountains was ought to happen. He feels these days spent as a young explorer were a solid foundation for his future climbing career.
His passion for the mountains eventually saw him focus on a career as a mountain guide where his skills earned him the title of an Adventure Consultant. He has a vast experience in leading Expeditions and Treks with his successful summits to Mt. DKD-II, Mt. Satopant, Mt. Kamet, Mt. Plateu, Mt. Thelu, Mt. Rudugaira, Mt. Gangotr-I, Mt. Bhagirathi-II & Mt. Gangotri-III.
For Yashwant, the pleasure of the adventure business lies not in the financial rewards but rather in helping clients live their dreams. A funny bone & a spark for mountains, you can spot Yashwant leading a pack full of Mountaineer's somewhere in the Himalayas!

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